Hart Davis Hart to Bring Consignments from Hong Kong

by Heidi Chan

Hong Kong, 7th June 2016 - US number one wine auction house Hart Davis Hart visited Cuvees this week to identify consignment needs for their auction scheduled for later this year.

Hart Davis Hart Director for Asia Pacific Mr. Gabriel Suk travelled from Chicago with his wine expert team, Senior Wine Inspector Mr. Allan Frischman and Pricing Expert Mr. Jeremy Cozad, to personally conduct an onsite cellar inspection of properties belonging to a selected group of top customers from 13 Degrees, that will potentially go into the upcoming event’s catalogue.

This is part of the Hart Davis Hart’s rigorous inspection process that provenance and conditions of each and every bottle of wine must be validated to assure it is as represented, before the auction house would accept for consignments to be shipped back from outside the US. 

Cuvees's business affiliate 13 Degrees have been a trusted logistics partner of Hart Davis Hart in Asia for a number of years, soon after the warehouse infrastructure became fully operational in 2011

We began with our own-managed storage and logistics capabilities with a specialised team focused on cellaring conditions. Cuvees is amongst the small number of wine businesses in Hong Kong who are able to keep this high maintenance work at arm's length. We provide proper cellar environment for wines to benefit from and make them more accessible for our exclusive partner who delivers the world’s best wines to the international clientele. 

13 Degrees handles Hart Davis Hart's consignments from the US to Hong Kong on a quarterly basis, extending favourable conditions for the movement of fine wines further into Asia.

About Cuvees (12 Bottles Company Limited): 

We are a young, energetic purveyor of fine and boutique beverages from around the world. Since 2009, we have been supplying unique wine, sake, whisky and keg drinks to local hotels and restaurant groups in Hong Kong and Macau.

We pride ourselves in managing our own state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled warehouse, which means our products are kept in the best environment possible and we can also arrange for same-day delivery.

For more information visit www.cuvees.com

More information about 13 Degrees please visit: www.13degrees.com.hk