South Australian Tourism Board shoot promo video at Hentley Farm

by Heidi Chan

Hentley Farm Wines was recently filmed in a video project undertaken by the South Australian Tourism Commission, as part of their marketing campaign promoting South Australia with Hong Kong celebrity Vincci Cheuk (卓韻芝). Vincci created a series of videos of her 5-day travel with grandmother, here're a few screen grabs on their tasting at Hentley Farm winery, you may also watch the online video in the below.  

To watch the video, skip to 2:41

... and the still captures: 

Vincci and grandma arrived in Hentley Farm for Rose wine tasting

Vincci taught her grandma how to pronounce Rose in English

(Above) Vincci teaching her grandma how to pronounce "Rosé" in English.

grandma's take on chinglish, very funny

(Above) Grandma's first take on speaking Chinglish, very funny.