JancisRobinson.com reviews Norman Hardie: absolutely, utterly, profoundly delicious

by Heidi Chan

We are glad to share that Richard Hemming Master of Wine, a writer at JancisRobinson.com has included Norman Hardie in the "Wines of the Week" review published just yesterday.  

A couple highlights to their thoughts on Norman Hardie Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs

“Having to bury your vines in winter to prevent them from freezing to death is a pretty good indication of cool climate. So is producing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that doesn't even reach 11.5% alcohol. But the most important thing about Norman Hardie's wines from Ontario are that they are absolutely, utterly, profoundly delicious.”

“I cannot enthuse about these wines enough. They are none of them cheap, nor should they be. Even so, the quality and complexity of flavour on offer makes them superb value for money (especially in the world of Pinot Noir). What's more, they are in structure and style the most honest representation of a cool climate that anyone could possibly hope for.”