Keg (Draught) Wines

by Heidi Chan

wine on tap

Picture: Secret taps at The Den at Mr. and Mrs. Fox

Serving wine on tap has become a growing trend in a number of international markets since the concept was first introduced some years ago.  Already proven successful in the US and the UK, there have been benefits seen through years of practices from those who went into keg.  Bar owners and restaurateurs are getting smarter about using the new upgrade and are really getting in on it for on-premise wines.

Wines being served in this way bear no resemblance to the boxed (bag-in-box) wines widely seen on supermarket shelves in the past.  This one makes use of technological advancement to keep wine fresh longer and save storage space. The vessels is lighter in weight compared to bottle format and can be operated even by one pair of hands.

This innovation opens up fresh cost saving opportunities, explained in simple terms it is more profitable than selling wines from bottles. Kegged wines can be used to the last drop, restaurants and bars can capitalize on even higher profit margins by offering smaller pours of higher end wines, without worrying about costs of wastage.

Cuvees' portfolio of products has expanded to include keg wines in our offerings to on-trade customers. Our options are available in 20 litre vessel, which are available immediately from our own storage in Aberdeen.  We work with wineries from larger corporation to boutique producers who keg their wines directly from source. 

Send us your enquiry at if you have a specific choice of wine in mind. 


Our keg wines are procured from KeyKeg and Petainer. Here is a brief summary of how it works for your operation: 

Fresh, consistent wine for your customers: The patented packaging system ensures optimum quality and shelf life, which guarantees beverages the best possible protection over the entire supply chain and through to final consumption. 

Easy to use with less waste for on-trade: The convenient dispensing format is highly compatible with dispensing systems in use at bars and restaurants to ensure that you can serve beverages to your customers in an even more quickly, efficiently and safely manner.  It also minimises the wine wastage involved with corked bottles and opened wine. Find out more about the tapping equipment requirements from the suppliers' website:;

Support your brand equity:  All keg containers can be customised to print your own branding. 

One-way keg design practical for hospitality outlets: The lightweight kegs are easy to prepare for recycling on the premises.  By flattening the empty kegs, you will be able to save storage space, reduce resource-intensive handling and return trips for empty kegs. 

Keg wines in different varietal and size now available at Cuvees

keg wines packaging, available at Cuvees