Belondrade y Lurton 2013 Scores

by Joseph Luk

Hi Guys,

Both Wine Advocate and Guía Peñin have recently published their scores for 2015. Here are the scores!

Belondrade y Lurton 2013 93 94
Belondrade Quinta Apolonia 2014 90 91
Belondrade Quinta Clarisa 2014 89 90

Its great to see, year after year, that the hard work in the vineyards and winery (30 hectares with organic certification, spontaneously fermented and aged individually in 330 barrels) are being recognized. All 90,000 bottles are sold out every year, with an emphasis that the commitment to quality and selection both in the vineyard and elaboration of our wines are not only linked to the flagship wine, Belondrade y Lurton, but also to Belondrade Quinta Apolonia and Belondrade Quinta Clarisa.

Best regards,
Joseph (and the entire team at Belondrade y Lurton: Alejandra, Araceli, Cristina, Alejandra, Chema, Didier, Eleuterio, Jean, Macario, Mariano and Ruben)