Bibi Graetz's Sparkling Wine - The Bollamatta!

by Joseph Luk

Bibi Graetz’s sparkling dream is finally bottled!

The BOLLAMATTA (“Crazy bubble” in Italian) is a unique sparkling Sangiovese made using the grapes from the green harvest of Testamatta and Colore!

This sparkling wine is not available yet, because the folks at the winery are so happy and excited about this new product that they decided to share with their importers from around the world. Check out the label below!

They've been secretly producing the Bollamatta in 2014, and finally, after almost 2 years the wine is ready! Bollamatta is a long charmat (method of production is Charmat) but the wine last longer on the yeasts! The color is similar to a ruby rosè and the style is between a Champagne but more approachable, and a Prosecco but with more depth.

We can't wait to try this sparkling!