Zalto Glassware by Denk'Art

by Joseph Luk

Proper and specific glassware for any beverage is important, especially when it comes to wine, sparkling wine, spirits, cocktail, beer and digestif. The difference is marginal, but I really believe proper glassware can enhance the quality of the beverage.

We've been using Spieglau wine glasses at the lounge for over 6 years now, and have, over the years, used Riedel and Schott Zweisel glassware. Each brand have their commercial series and a more upscale line at various price points. They also have unique attributes and choosing which brand (or series) offers the best value depends on the purpose. Obviously, if you're using it at restaurant every day, that's very different to the set of glassware one would choose to keep at home.

My favorite for a long time was the handblown series from Zweisel ... but that was until we came across Zalto glasswares!

As I start to do a bit more research on Zalto, I learnt that each glass is hand blown in Austria by very experienced glassblowers. It is crafted without the addition of lead oxide and resistant against clouding.

What is most impressive about these glasses is the lightness and thickness of the glass. I found this excerpt from - "'The overall lightness of the stem and bowl allow the person enjoying wine to feel much closer and more connected to the wine in the glass, with the glass actually serving to magnify the connection rather than standing in the way of it,' agrees NoMad wine director Thomas Pasturnak."

If I hadn't touched a Zalto glassware, I would've probably said that statement was a load of crap. But ... its true!

If you want to see it in action, I saw these glassware (I believe it was the Universal model) at A Side / B Side at 53 Sai Street in Sheung Wan. Have a look for yourself!

Here are some photos:

Zalto Glass Blowing 3

Zalto Glass Blowing 4

Zalto Glass Blowing 5

Zalto Glass Blowing 6

Zalto Glass Blowing 7

Zalto Glass Blowing 8

Zalto Glass Blowing 10

And here are photos of the glassware:

Zalto - Bordeaux (Above)

Zalto - Burgundy (Above)

Zalto - Universal (Above)

Zalto - Water (Above)

Zalto - Champagne (Above)

Zalto - Digestif (Above)

Zalto - Beer (Above)

Zalto - Sweet Wine (Above)

Zalto - Gravitas Omega (Above)

Zalto - White Wine (Above)