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by Joseph Luk

Since 2009, we've been busy delivering all sorts of wines (and other booze) to weddings, house parties, corporate events and to almost all of the most prestigious hotels and restaurant groups in Hong Kong and Macau!

We thought we'd introduce ourselves a little more here, in a not-too-subtle, self-centered blog post ... within our own website.

We operate out of a 30,000 sqf facility in Aberdeen, which we call our office / lounge / warehouse. Here you'll find a small, young-ish, but dedicated team who tries very hard to make sure our clients (whether they are private, corporate or on-trade customers) get all the attention they need. We're not perfect, but we do our best ;)

Our state-of-the-art warehouse facility is kept at 13 degrees Celsius and at 70% humidity, so as to make sure all of the our booze gets a perfect cellar environment until they leave our home and into the bellies of those lucky and discerning customers who choose to stock up.

Since we manage our own warehouse and delivery team, we are able to sometimes offer same-day delivery (so long as orders are placed prior to 12 noon and these conditions are met).

We mostly sell wines, but over the years, we have expanded our product range to include loads of Japanese sake, Japanese whisky, and a little bit of Scotch, grappa, tequila and other intoxicating beverages. With over 1,000 SKU's and over 200,000 bottles in storage, I'm pretty sure we're able to supply the booze you need. Most importantly, we aren't a reseller (we import and distribute 99% of our products).

So you see? We are legit. Shop now!

Did we mention we also have cellar storage for private collectors, which comes with access to a lounge? Here are some photos:

13 Degrees (2)

13 Degrees (3)

13 Degrees (4)

13 Degrees (5)

13 Degrees (6)