Ca' del Bosco Hong Kong visit

by Heidi Chan

Team Cuvees welcomed Mr. Maurizio Zanella, Founder and Chairman of Ca' del Bosco winery on his last visit to Hong Kong last week. The Hong Kong 'weekend itinerary' took Mr. Zanella to three events that were accomplished over a good one day and a half.  At lunch, Mr. Zanella shared his life story in pursuing his bubbly dream, his passion for uniqueness of each of his collections and vision for Ca' del Bosco, then guided us through a deeper appreciation of Fanciacorta wines throughout the course of an Italian menu crafted by two-Michelin-starred chef Pino Lavarra at Tosca. 

More food and wine continued into the evening as Mr. Zanella moved over to Forum 富臨飯店 for a little more luxury. Much to my surprise to find out that Mr. Zanella is indeed an old friend of Mr. Lau Chin Sun, publisher of WineNow Monthly《酒經月刊》and Yat-gor the 'Abalone King' for more than two decades! Excitement built up as everyone got to taste some of the rare-to-find old vintages of Maurizio Zanella in magnum bottles... then came Yat-gor whipped up the crowd with his demonstration of the restaurant's signature dish – the namesake Ah Yat Fried Rice 阿一炒飯!

The Three Legends (left to right): Mr. Maurizio Zanella, Mr. Lau Chi Sun (劉致新), 'King of Abalone' Mr. Yeung Koon-yat (楊貫一).

Wines served at Tosca: 

Wines served at Forum: