Free Appraisal for Your Wine Collection

by Joseph Luk

On behalf of Hart Davis Hart (HDH), we are now offering free wine appraisals for your collection!

The process is simple. Send us your wine list to with the subject header "Request for Free Wine Appraisal" and we'll send you an appraisal within 72 hours. No questions asked.

If, however, you like what you see and you're looking to offload some of your wine collection, it is just as easy to consign your wines with HDH for their upcoming Hong Kong auction.

We've partnered with HDH for the last 10 years and we'll be assisting the #1 wine auction house in the United States in their first Hong Kong auction, which will be held on the 20th and 21st of November (Consignment deadline is 15th of September, 2020).

EDIT: The auction dates were previously 23rd and 24th of October. (Consignment deadline is 15th of August, 2020) but due to the number of auctions HDH is committed in the USA, the HK auction is pushed back by a month.

First HDH Auction in Hong Kong

With over 100 years of combined experience and over 70 successful auctions, HDH has successfully sold over $300 million of wine to participants from 30 countries and over 40 states. So far in 2020, HDH has sold 100% of lots offered, cleared US$25 million in auction sales and 20% of all lots offered sold above the high end of estimates.