In Article: Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin 2012

by Heidi Chan

Source: Saskatoon StarPhoenix, excerpt from Wine of the Week: It's pay today, play tomorrow for these high end reds

The 2012 Osoyoos Larose is a fine example of a Bordelais style wine. It is an exceptionally well crafted, sophisticated red wine. I wouldn’t be surprised if the maker monitors his vineyard vine by vine. It is also, when opened, extremely tight. Remember, I’m drinking a five-year-old wine here. I didn’t resort to what I would do if I were asked to serve this wine (probably three minutes or longer in the blender.) Instead I opened all three wines and tasted them daily for five days. Around day four (!) on the counter, Larose began to loosen her corset.  
The bouquet had a touch of vanilla, but was mostly dark fruits - black cherry, blackberries - with a hint of white pepper. The palate was surprisingly fruity and very smooth, although the finish exhibits a structure akin to RoboCop. Seriously, if you like this wine, live on another wine and just keep putting Larose in the cellar until it reaches the age of majority. If you can’t do that, you better decant it for a long time. (I recommend Osterizing it.)  

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