In Article: Summer cocktails with the wine of Winter

by Heidi Chan

Source: The Peterborough Examiner, Summer Cocktails with the wine of Winter 
By Shari Darling

Icewine is an intense ingredient to use to prepare exotic summer cocktails. Celebrating the frozen Canadian grape, these summer beverages will also harmonize with a variety of barbecue sauces and desserts.

Not all icewines are expensive. Save the expensive vintages, keep them until there is a special occasion. This is a brilliant idea adding to dinner party menu for casual entertaining at home, use the less expensive versions to mix with other ingredients to make the cocktails.

Peller Estates Vidal Icewine is a perfect example. Here's a tasty Icewine at less than a quarter the cost. It offers classic Niagara Peach notes, great balancing acidity on a perfectly sweet palate.

Icewine Cocktail Recipes (Courtesy Peller Estates)

Classic Icewine Martini
1 1/4 oz Peller Estates Icewine (suggest Vidal icewine)
1 1/4 oz Premium Vodka
Garnish with 3 frozen grapes (seedless and skinless)
Riesling Apple Icewine Martini
1 oz Peller Estates Riesling Icewine
1 oz Premium Vodka
1/2 oz Apple Liqueur Garnish with baby crab apple

Icewine "Royale"
1 oz Peller Estates Cabernet Franc Icewine
3 oz sparkling wine or Champagne (layered on top of Icewine)
Garnish with fresh floating raspberry

On a hot August evening, how about enjoying with friends an icewine slushie? To make a slushy, fill the blender with 10 ice cubes. While blender is on high, slowly add enough icewine to cover the ice. Blend until frothy and enjoy.

Riesling Apple Icewine Martini  Icewine Royale
(Above L-R: Riesling Apple Icewine Martini, Icewine Royale)