TimeOut Hong Kong recommends our sake

by Heidi Chan

The best sake to sip on this summer
Source: TimeOut Hong Kong, August 2016  

TimeOut Hong Kong introduces our exclusive label Daishinshu as one of the best sake to enjoy in the summer.  Tiffany Lo particularly recommends Daishinshu Teippai Junmai Daiginjo we have on Cuvees.com, she describes it as "an aroma bomb exploding with tropical flavours and toasty grains". Brewed in Nagano, Daishinshu Teippai Junmai Daiginjo has a light yellowy-green hue thanks to citrus, crisp green apple and pineapple. With the added depth of sweet flavours like strawberry, watermelon and pear, get it online or head down to Aberdeen to taste if for yourself. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with it.'


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