In Article: Wine for pleasure!

by Heidi Chan
Wines for pleasure!
Source: Spirito di Vino Asia Magazine

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Ronchi di Cialla

Picolita is a rare grape that, until recently was almost extinct as it is difficult in the vineyard and it yields very little. Today, it produces one of Italy's best and most delicate sweet dessert wines. This (Ronchi di Cialla Picolit di Cialla DOCG) 1991 is issued from the hills of Cialla, a cru that has its roots back to 1496 in the sub-region of Colli Orientali at Italy's northern border with Slovenia. With a beautiful golden colour, it mesmerises on the nose with a spellbinding array or perfumes from dried orange zest, dried flowers, roasted nuts, sweet spices, and a touch of smoke and toasts.  Sweet but incredibly airy and delicate with refreshing quality and a vibrant energy.  The finish is captivating and long. An excellent wine on its own or with delicate cheeses and nuts at the end of a meal with good company.