Iskilde - The World's Best Water!

by Heidi Chan

Source: Iskilde Press Release, July 2016.

The world’s best water!

International panel chose Iskilde, the Danish natural mineral water, as the best mineral water In the world.

Do all waters taste the same? Is water really just... water?
No!, says an international panel of professional water-tasters to both of these questions.

An international water-competition, held in the Chinese mega-city Guangzhou earlier this month, set new standards for tasting.

More than 70 of the best waters in the world participated in this competition. All were carefully blind- tasted and evaluated by a panel of five judges.

A water-competition of this scale and ambition has only been held once before, in 2007. It was arranged by the wine-magazine The Decanter.

In the 2007 competition, Iskilde came as the best water you could buy in a bottle at the time, out of 100 evaluated waterbrands and sources. The winner was a water utility from the Thames Valley in southern England.

In the competition in Guanzhou Iskilde once again found itself at the top among the worlds fine water brands, this time First Place in the largest category in the competition, ‘Still Water with Medium Mineral Content.

Based on this, it is probably fair to claim that Iskilde is the world’s best water.

Receiving this recognition of his work for Iskilde and for the Fine Water category was a special moment for Jan Bender, who founded Iskilde in 2005. “I invested my soul and most of my savings in this project. Today I feel like the swimmer who for years got up at five every morning and biked down to practice in a cold swimming pool, and now suddenly stands with an Olympic gold medal in his hand. To the outsider, it may not mean so much, but to me this recognition made all my sacrifices meaningful”.

Iskilde is sold all over the world; the silky Danish water is the perfect companion for modern food and wine. It is served by many of the best hotels and restaurants in the world, including the famous Danish restaurant Noma.

The Iskilde source is an artesian spring situated in the moraine hills of the Danish lake highland district.

Iskilde is available in four sizes: 33 cl, 67 cl, and 1 liter in glass, and 375 cl PET. All sizes come in still and sparkling. Iskilde will launch a sparkling water with organic lemon juice later this fall.

The bottles have received a number of design prices.