Mas Rodo awarded, Cuvées proud to represent the best from Spain!

by Clemence Ramin

Mas Rodo received great awards, Cuvées is glad to represent the Spanish winery here in HK.

Gilbert and Gaillard GOLD medals for our MAS RODÓ: Riesling, Macabeo, Incognit Red, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Reserva de la Propiedad

& from the Guia Peñín for our MAS RODO Montonega 2016: 90 Points GUIA PEÑÍN 2019 + 5 Stars Peñín (maximum score given by the Guide to wines with the best quality- Price)


MAS RODÓ winery and estate has been founded in 2005 and begun its activity in the market in March 2009 featuring its first three wines.

MAS RODÓ was born with a clear dedication to excellence in winemaking. From the initial choice of terrain and grape varieties and the elaborated construction of the winery to the process of wine crafting, we have always been guided by our drive for excellence.

Our objective is to produce wines which will make us proud to innovate and surprise the palate. We are passionate about innovation and we apply most up-to-date technology for the art of making fine wine as well as preservation of the ecosystem of our environment.

The estate of MAS RODÓ covers an area of 150 hectares in Mediona (Province of Barcelona). It stretches along several valleys and slopes of the mountainous region of Penedes with elevation exceeding 500 meters. It has 50 hectares of crops, MAS RODÓ is situated in an agricultural area differential for growing grapes: it has sandy, calcareous and stony variety of soils, which together with its airy gentle slopes, solar orientation, and day to night temperature changes offers suitable characteristics for its well-looked after vines to give us their best.

The winery is located in the middle of the vineyards, where the grapes are manually harvested and carefully crafted into high quality wine. Both the winery and vineyards are designed for low yield in order to coax more richness and expression in our wines. 
The characteristics of the vineyards allow us to have white varieties as Parellada, Montonega, Macabeo, Muscat, and Riesling, and red varieties as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot and combine them with experimental varieties of perfect acclimatization planted in our property, including Marcelan, Prieto Picudo and Verdejo. 
Grapes are harvested manually, even on trellised vines, then collected in boxes and loaded on small trailers, needing no travel time to be delivered to the winery. The selected grapes of the highest quality and in best conditions reach the winery where they undergo the second selection.

Ecological, agricultural and oenological care is predominant in the project to offer the product elaborated with maximum  care and feeling to please your senses.