New Updates for Cuvees

by Joseph Luk

Hi Everyone!

It has been a while! In the last few months, we at Cuvees have been making quite a few updates in hopes of improving the overall user experience on our website. The major updates relevant to our users include:

  • Filter Added: This is the best filter we've seen and so far, its really paying dividends! It's now very easy for our customers to navigate between all of our products and find items they're looking for;
  • Updated Photos: We've updated the vast majority of our photos and with the higher resolution, the photos are coming out much sharper;
  • Currency Options: We've noticed a few of our customers are based abroad and are purchasing wines through our website as gift for their friends and families here in Hong Kong. But allowing you to switch to your preferred currency, this provides more clarity on the pricing and allows you to make quick decisions;
  • PayMe for Business: And finally, we now have PayMe for Business, which makes payment easier for our customers if that's their preferred payment method. However, we must send the link to you (rather than you initiating).

Since there are all new updates, please don't be surprised if you come across any bugs. And if you do, please let us know so we can fix it. In so doing, we'll be more than happy to send you a nice Prosecco as a gesture of thanks.

For now, if you've come this far, here's a 5% off discount code to thank you for your loyalty:


This code is only applicable to items that allow for discount. If you want to know what they are (and there's a big selection), please visit here.