New In: Personalised wine gift - Ca' del Bosco Franciacorta

by Heidi Chan

You may now be able to make a wine gift your very own with an added personal touch by Ca' del Bosco's newly added service available to their Cuvée Prestige Collection. 

How it works: Once you have picked your preferred bottle size (applicable to 3L Jeroboam, 6L Matusalem and 9L Salmanazar), provide a name of the person who will receive the bottle and a date of dedication, the winery will get these hand-stamped on the front label from Italy and ship to your location (in Hong Kong via Cuvees). The information will be listed in two lines and positioned under the brand name, as you can see from the mock-ups below.


What's more: All Cuvée Prestige are wrapped up in an orange-shaded saran wrap to protect the wine against light strike. For those who're after the 'classic aesthetic' of wine bottles, you can still admire the translucent qualities through this lighter colour glass vessel whilst keeping the liquid in perfect condition. Another brilliant idea by Ca' del Bosco.

Ca' del Bosco Franciacorta carry bag

 ... what's even more exciting: Come have a look at these carry bags! I would call them 'Franciacorta Carriers'. All customised large format Franciacorta gifts are packed with these bags, whilst stocks last. You can rest assured that the glass bottles are better secured. This Franciacorta Carrier makes an excellent luxury gift for the wine enthusiast, also offering a stylish solution to BYOB to your special occasions.  

Enquire with us today at for your Ca' del Bosco Franciacorta gift pack :)