Sake Tasting Night is back

by Heidi Chan

The Swiss Privilege sake tasting night (Thursday, 29th September) had returned only after four months to achieve another successful evening. With the support from The Art of Sake and Japanese Food Culture Mission Consortium (SJFCM), we are very glad to see the delegation came with eight breweries to partake in this event, amidst the brewing season in Japan has started and things are now just getting into full swing.  

The 8 participated sake breweries: Tajime Chikusen 竹泉, Kurumazaka 車坂, Ibaragi Rairaku 来楽, Tsubosaka 金壺, Sakaya 八兵衛, Daishinshu 大信州, Okurahonke 大倉, and Tsukinokatsura 月之桂.

Brewery representatives introducing their own sake and speaking on paring each sake with food, with consecutive interpretation by Mr. Hiroshi Wanatabe, representative of SJFCM.

Guests tasted over 8 sakes from 6 different sake regions, plus a few more mysterious bottles popped out at the end of the guided tasting.

Great vibe!


Pictures of sake dinner held at the Hong Kong Jockey Club on Friday, 30th September

To purchase the sakes featured at these events, click on the links below: