Sommeliers Heaven: For billionaires? and maybe for you too

by Heidi Chan

Almost every wine aficionado wants to have its very own wine cellar. However not everyone can live in a mansion that has the space for a full scale in-home facilities. But the good news is there are a few wine cellar builders out there who are able to offer custom construction to both residential and commercial users. Now even with a spare nook you could possibly turn that space into the kind of cellar you need. Over these years there have been growing demand for professional wine storage solutions in the hospitality sector as well as á la maison of the private customers, it has come to a point where the industry developers made significant progress in turning wild concepts into reality. Perhaps one day, not too far from now, we're all going to have in-home modular cellar.

I was browsing online the other day and came across the name of Focus Wine Cellar in "Sommeliers Heaven: The Greatest Wine Cellars of the World". It is a special edition print published by Braun Publishing that puts together a collection of 66 best wine cellars in the world jointly selected by Braun and Paolo Basso – World’s Best Sommelier in 2013. Three of those in the top list were delivered by Focus Wine Cellar in various locations including Hong Kong – a photo of the Ho Man Tin Cellar is featured as a highlight on the front cover of this book. If you are keen on seeing more projects by Focus Wine Cellar, the company has an eBook containing descriptions and visual references of past projects and is available for download via this link:  

Reading through the story behind each cellar build with Focus Wine Cellar I found it very reflective. They seem to have a unique knack for transporting the ideas and finding the balance between aesthetics, practicability and performance. In the eBook there is quite a big portion explaining the technical bits including how efficiently the design works with the control over energy usage – lighting, ventilation, etc. Focus Wine Cellar seems to be able to capture that very own idea of the right atmosphere without having to compromise versatility of a masterpiece.


More about Focus Wine Cellar:

Focus Wine Cellars (FWC) is an expert company designing and building bespoke wine cellars and wine cabinets, on a turn-key basis both for private and commercial needs all over the world. FWC has been recognized as one of the greatest wine cellar designers of the world ( that offers not only the widest design variety and architectural appeal but also the highest quality production and flawless installation in every location in the world.

FWC is active in many locations and has strong presence in Hong Kong and Macau. FWC’s top references are many prominent personalities, Heads of State, wine collectors as well as renowned hospitality brands and real estate investors.

FWC owns end to end process of designing, building and installing of private, commercial and collective wine cellars and cabinets. In-depth experience and competence of our team enables us to work across boundaries and overseas. Every tailored cellar and cabinet shown on the above website is fully designed and built by FWC, with solely finest materials used with the aim of creating impressive spaces, providing ideal storage conditions for valuable wine collections. To ensure the quality of cellars and cabinets, FWC generally keeps all insulation work, climatisation system, display units, lighting and finishes in their own scope.

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