Benten Sawane Junmaiginjo, Japan (720ml) べんてん 山羽音 純米吟醸 (2021/03)


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Agency Sake

| Grade: Junmai Ginjo
| Polish: 55%
| Sake Rice: Dewanosato
| Alc.: 16.0%
| SMV: +2
| Acidity: 1.4
| Style: Pasteurized
| Yeast NF-KA, No.1801
| Region Yamagata

YAMAGATA-Sake is well known as an aromatic type of sake.
Using the YAMAGATA kobo yeast creates an aromatic, fruity, fresh, soft, and elegant Sake.
The name of this Sake "Benten" is derived from a Goddess of water and music, which is enshrined near the Sakagura.
The label is adorned with her image which reflects the love of Japan in the taste of this Sake.
Proactively competing in various globally recognized tasting competitions, this Sakagura is producing Sake with flavors that have international appeal.

The aroma of fresh Japanese pear and an elegant sweetness like defined sugar derived from koji. Good balance of gentle sweetness and umami.

Please enjoy it at a chilled temperature.


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