Daishinshu Junmai Ginjo Sparkling, Nagano, Japan (720ml) 大信州 純米吟釀氣酒


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Agency Sake

| Grade: Junmaiginjo (Sparkling Sake)
| Polish: 59%
| Rice: Hitogokochi
| Alc.: 16.0%
| SMV: +4
| Acidity: 1.4
| Style: Unpasteurized
| Region: Nagano


|【要冷蔵】【開栓注意】Top nose of lactic acid and yogurt aroma. Fine sparkling with the fruitiness of melon, pineapple, grape, pear, followed by a lactic acid-like with a carbonic bubbly touch on the palate. Long and dry finish. This sparkling sake uses the bottle fermentation method. Please enjoy at a chilled temperature for an aperitif.

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