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Sparkling wines are produced worldwide. Each wine-producing region is home to a distinct version of its own: producers tend to use their own traditional grapes thus the style of sparkling wine produced can be different. Most sparkling wine is white (Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs) or rosé but there are examples of red sparkling wines also.

According to the EU regulations, terms used to indicate sweetness of sparkling wine are Brut Nature (no added sugar) (0-3g/L), Extra Brut (0-6g/L), Brut (0-12g/L), Extra Dry, Extra Sec, Extra Seco (12-17g/L), Dry, Sec, Seco (17-32g/L), Demi-sec, Semi-seco (32-50g/L), Doux, Sweet, Dulce (50+g/L).