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Shop Sparkling Wine and Prosecco Online in Hong Kong

The fizz of sparkling wine and champagne always adds something extra special to any occasion or event. At Cuvées, we are proud to stock a curated collection of sparkling wines, champagne, and prosecco for every taste and preference. All our products have been tried and tested by our expert team of professionals to ensure only the highest-quality bubbly beverages are available on our online wine store in Hong Kong. Discover the magic of sparkling wine with us by browsing our selection.

If you are looking for other types of liquor, we also stock boutique beverages such as fine wine, the best sake brands in Hong Kong, and spirits you can buy online. Shop our online liquor store in Hong Kong today.

59 products


What types of sparkling wine and champagne can I buy online from Cuvées?

We stock a comprehensive selection of premium sparkling wines and prosecco from renowned wine regions across the globe. From prosecco brut and other sparkling wines, there is definitely something to please any wine drinker or connoisseur who adores bubbles and fizz. If you want to browse all our wines, visit our online wine shop in Hong Kong.

Can I purchase vintage champagne from your online store?

Yes, we have a variety of vintage sparkling wines available to purchase from our online shop that is sure to impress, including MV (Multi-Vintage) bottles.

What is the best way to store and serve sparkling wine, champagne, and prosecco?

Sparkling wines and prosecco are best stored in a wine fridge or regular fridge that is not too cold. These bottles should be kept upright to prevent the wine from getting too fizzy or spoiling. These beverages are best served chilled to enhance the bubbles and flavor and should be poured into slender flutes whenever possible as they best prevent the wine bubbles from going flat.

Does Cuvées offer any discounts or promotions for sparkling wines?

Yes, we do! Our Cuvées Points Rewards Programme allows you to earn points on any beverage or accessories purchase so you can redeem discount coupons to use on future orders. This means that every dollar you spend with us goes towards a promised discount you can enjoy at a later date. You can also earn extra points by referring new members.

We also regularly update our sale items to ensure you are always getting the best possible deal. Keep checking back to our sale page in case your favorite sparkling wine and prosecco are at a discount!

How can I enjoy sparkling wine and prosecco in different ways?

Sparkling wine and prosecco are versatile beverages that can be enjoyed in different ways. They can be drank on their own as an aperitif or a celebratory toast or paired with various foods such as cheese, seafood, sushi, or desserts. You can also mix them with other ingredients to create delicious cocktails, such as mimosa, bellini, or kir royale.

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