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Shop Premium Spirits & Whisky Online in Hong Kong

Discover smooth blended whiskies, refreshing gins, and pure vodkas at Cuvées, a premier online spirits store in Hong Kong. Our spirits selection consists of liquor from only the finest distilleries around the world, delivered straight to your doorstep. Casual drinkers and spirits collectors will be enthused by our premium collection. Buy spirits online today.

If you are looking for other types of liquor, we also stock boutique beverages such as fine wine, the best sake brands in Hong Kong, and champagne. Shop our online liquor store in Hong Kong today.

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What types of spirits can I buy online from Cuvées?

Our online spirits store offers a specially curated selection of spirits, including whisky, brandy, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, and liqueurs. These premium spirits are sourced from a variety of countries and regions, offering delicious options for even the most discerning drinker to enjoy. If you want to buy our wines, please visit our online wine shop in Hong Kong.

What types of whisky do you have available for purchase?

We stock a range of whiskies in our one-stop liquor shop to make the task of buying whisky online easier for all our customers. Whether it’s specific countries you are after (such as Japanese whisky or Canadian whisky) or specific blends like scotch whisky, bourbon barrels, or single malt whiskies, Cuvées has something for you. You can also buy some of the best whisky Hong Kong has to offer online on our website.

Do you stock any rare or vintage spirits in your online store?

Yes, we proudly stock a number of rare and vintage spirits in our online store, including collectibles and gift box items. These bottles will make a fantastic addition to any liquor collection and are ready to drink whenever the time is right. If you need additional ideas for collectibles, browse our selection of sparkling wine in Hong Kong.

What is the best way to store spirits?

We recommend storing spirits and other liqueurs in a dark and cool place to maintain their best quality. Keep them away from sunlight or heat as this may evaporate some of the alcohol, or cause them to ignite if exposed to high temperatures.

Does Cuvées offer any discounts or promotions for spirits?

Yes, we do! Our Cuvées Points Rewards Programme allows you to earn points on any beverage or accessories purchase so you can redeem discount coupons to use on future orders. This means that every dollar you spend with us goes towards a promised discount you can enjoy at a later date. You can also earn extra points by referring new members.

We also regularly update our sale items to ensure you are always getting the best possible deal. Keep checking back to our sale page in case your favorite spirits are on discount!

How can I enjoy spirits or whisky in different ways?

Spirits and whisky are versatile beverages that can be enjoyed in different ways. You can drink them on their own as a sipping drink or a shot. Alternatively, you can pair them with various mixers or cocktails to create other flavors and sensations. You can also pair them with food, such as cheese, chocolate, or smoked meats, to enhance the taste and aroma.

A Toast to History: The Spirits We Celebrate

The beauty of spirits lies in their rich histories, crafted over centuries and across cultures.


The roots of whisky trace back to ancient times, with distillation processes evolving from perfumes to the amber drink we cherish today. The malted barley essence of Scotland’s highlands or the delicate balance of Japan’s craftsmanship, each region brings its distinct touch. Whether you prefer a smooth single malt or a smoky blend, you can shop at Cuvée in Hong Kong to find your ideal drink.


Brandy is a versatile spirit that can be made from various fruits and aged in different types of barrels. One of the most famous and refined brandies is brandy, which is produced in the town of Brandy and its surrounding areas in France. This spirit is a testament to the elegance of distilled wine, and it can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or in cocktails. You can explore our selection of brandy and other fine spirits at Cuvées, your online spirits store in Hong Kong.


Originating from Slavic regions in the 8th century, vodka is now a global favorite. From the classic potato base to innovative grains, its evolution is fascinating. Vodka is a clear and neutral spirit that can be mixed with almost anything or sipped on its own for a pure and crisp taste. At Cuvées, we offer a range of premium and craft vodkas from around the world, so you can buy spirits online with ease and convenience.

Cuvées - Hong Kong Online Store for Spirits, Whisky & Cognac

Discovering the world of spirits is a journey of flavors, cultures, and histories. At Cuvées, we are honored to guide you through this journey. Whether you are looking to buy whisky online or searching for spirits in Hong Kong, we are here to serve you. Cheers to many shared memories and splendid drinks ahead! Shop now.

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