Francois Voyer Cognac XO 1er Cru de Cognac Grande Champagne, France (700ml)


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| Grapes: Ugni Blanc
| Type: Cognac
| Region: Grande Champagne
| Alc.: 40%

|Composition: Blended eaux-de-vie 10 to25 years old.

|Ageing / Blending: Distilled with the lees, it ages in new Limousin Oak casks with a medium interior toast for 3 years. The ageing process continues in old barrels or hogsheads in a damp cellar. A progressive reduction is made, with distilled water (max 5% of diminution every 6 months to 1 year) using the 'faibles' technique.

|Color: Amber with a hint of old gold.

|Bouquet: This XO is renowned for its elegance and delicacy and stands true to its Grand Champagne pedigree. The long ageing process has embossed upon it an affluent aroma full of vanilla, dried fruits, quince and the beginnings of spices and wood notes that mark the veritable old cognac emergence.

|??Taste: An outstandingly elegant yet subtly woody taste with hints of dried fruit and vanilla in the end. A rounded, powerful and yet refreshingly modern aftertaste on the palate.

| How to Enjoy: Enjoy it straight or on the rocks. Sit back after dinner and let the sophisticated bouquet and the progression of subtle flavors overwhelm your senses.

| Reference: A mainstay of the Voyer range of Cognacs; XO Premier Cru is a ?€?must?€?. Rated 1st out of 17 Cognacs tested by the German ?€?Finetobacco?€? Magazine, recommended by ?€?L?€?amateur de cigare?€? Magazine in 2013. This cognac is the 'holy grail' for cognac lovers with its balance of flexibility, flavors and affordability. One of the best-selling in the last 3 years.

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