Andre Clouet Le Clos 2006, Champagne, France (1500ml)


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Agency Wine

| Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir
| Type: Sparkling
| Region: Bouzy, Montagne de Reims
| Alc.: 12.0%

| Dosage 5 grams per bottle of traditional liquor. Magnums Only. Disgorgement prior to shipment.

The Clos contains the Clouet family’s most beautiful genetic combinations of Pinot Noir, encasing each precious vine in a bank vault that’s open to the sky.

This ancestral vineyard, protected by thick walls, is an extension of our elegant family domaine in the heart of Bouzy.

Here Pinot Noir babies are safeguarded from any new strains of phylloxera or contamination.

For centuries, they have been serving the Clouet family, a living experiment for understanding the secret power of Bouzy Black Powder in the Montagne de Reims.

Only the druids knew how to master this seemingly magical powder with it’s physical, chemical and supernatural biological qualities. When they disappeared, their ancient wisdom unfortunately went with them…

It took audacity, luck, experimentation, historical research and some generations of the Clouet family, for the core of that first glorious era of Pinot Noir in Champagne to be recovered.

Now the magic of The ancient Druids is back to enchant our tastebuds!

The Black powder and it’s powers are the groundwork for our universal mission

It just goes to prove that 10 centuries of forced fertilization doesn’t hold a candle to the what properties was already present supernatural power of our Bouzy Terroir that the ancients knew.

The Clos is a reflection of our ancestral values and the foundation that our House has been built upon.

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