Daishinshu Teippai Junmai Daiginjo, Nagano, Japan (720ml) 大信州 滿手 純米大吟釀 (2021/04)


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Agency Sake

| Region: Nagano 長野
| Grade: Junmai Daijinjo
| Polish: Koji rice: 36%, Brewed rice: 45%
| Koji Rice:

Kinmonnishiki 金絞錦

| Brewed: Kinmonnishiki 金絞錦
| Alc.: 16.0%
| SMV: +3
| Acidity: 1.5
| Style: One time pasteurized


| This sake is the flagship of Daishinshu. Teippai means maximum effort to produce good sake. All staff at Sakagura (Sake Brewery) make their best efforts. At first, it appears as toasty grain followed by fruity flavour of grape, melon, pear.  Fresh acidity and a sweet grapey aroma follow through. The finish is long and wide. View recent press coverage on Daishinshu Teippai in TimeOut: The best sake to sip on this summer and in Ming Pao頂級日本清酒講究風土 釀酒師精工不容忽視.

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