Harada Gengetsu Muroka Junmaiginjo, Japan (720ml) 原田弦月 無濾過 純米吟醸 (2020/09)


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Agency sake

| Grade: Junmai Ginjo
| Polish: 55%
| Koji Rice: Yamadanishiki 山田錦 (Grown in Yamaguchi prefecture)
| Kake Rice: Saito no Shizuku 西都の雫 (Grown in Yamaguchi prefecture)
| Alc.: 17.0%
| SMV: -2
| Acidity: 1.1
| Style: One time pasteurized
| Region: Yamaguchi

Rich apple aroma spreads moderately in the mouth.
On the palate, the attack is fresh and texture is soft.
Semi-dry, rich apple-flavored sake.

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