Kurumazaka Nihonjo Negoro Junmai Ginjo, Wakayama, Japan (720ml) 車板 日本城 根来 純米吟醸酒


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Agency Sake

| Grade: Junmai Ginjo 純米吟醸
| Polish: 58%
| Koji Rice: Yamadanishiki 山田錦
| Brewed rice:
Yamadanishiki 山田錦
| Alc.: 16.8%
| SMV: +5
| Acidity: 1.7
| Yeast: No.901
| Style:  Pasteurized
| Region: Wakayama 和歌山縣

Japanese follows,

The mid-intensity of the aroma of apple.

Light in body but well-matured umami.

Smooth texture and enhances flavour of foods, ideal partner of food.


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