Maison A.E. Dor Vieille Reserve No. 9 Cognac, Grande Champagne, France (700ml)


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GRANDE RESERVE N?? 9 - Harvested in 1914 - 40 - Grande Champagne (80%) and Fins Bois(20%).

Limited to a few bottles only. This Eau-de vie with a rare finesse is the fruit of blending by Gaston Rivire, 80% Grande Champagne and 20% Find Bois. The perfection of this great Cognac is in part due to half a century's ageing in oak barrels at the end of which period, in 1964, it was put into large glass demijohns and sealed with wax after having reached the minimum legal requirement of 40 by evaporation. Tasting reveals aromas of vine-cane mushrooms, still some floral notes with touch of Apricots. Very appreciated by amateurs and connoisseurs. Long ageing in humid cellar.

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