Okurahonke Okura Tokubetsujunmai Oseto Muroka Nama, Nara, Japan (720ml) 大倉 特別 純米 無濾過 生酒


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Agency Sake

| Grade: Junmai
| Polish: 60%
| Koji Rice: Oseto / Nara
| Brewed rice: Oseto / Nara
| Alc.: 17.0%
| SMV: +5
| Acidity: 1.2
| Style: Unpasteurized and Unfiltered

| Clear and soft light yellow colour.  Very fine bubble. It has a hint of yeast and a malty, soybean character on the nose.  Silky, smooth palate reminiscent of very rich umami followed by undertones of black grapes, malt, nuts, milky with strong lively acids. Very long finish with a touch of milky rice flavour.

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