Tajime Chikusen Junkara Funakuchi Jikazume Nama, Hyogo, Japan (720ml) 竹泉 醇辛 槽口直詰 生酒 (2019/03)

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Agency Sake

| Grade: Junmai 純米
| Polish: 60%
|Types of Rice: Gohyakumangoku 五百万石
| Alc.: 17.0%
| SMV: +10
| Acidity: 2.1
| Style: Unpasteurized 生酒
| Yeast No. 7
| Region Hyogo 兵庫縣

Japanese follows,

"Junkara", Junmai sake that named after aiming to produce mellow and dry sake is bottled from the traditional press machine called Fune (槽) to bottle directly.

The sake includes a little lee.

As this sake was aged in the fridge ( -5 degrees), the umami of sake was enhanced by aging.


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