Cuvées is now importing Gin from Melbourne Gin Company

by Clemence Ramin


From the world’s most liveable city comes its very own Melbourne Gin Company. Established in 2012, MGC sets out to create gin of flavour, character and distinction.

In 2009, driven by a fascination with the notion of the unattainable ideal drink and a love for Gin Martinis, it occurred to winemaker Andrew Marks that he should set about making his own gin. The idea was so audacious and scary that he could not refuse the challenge, realising a dream and turning a thought into a reality.

At the time Andrew was sharing his inner-city apartment with a surgeon. The two would celebrate Martini Tuesdays solving the problems of the world in many of Melbourne’s bars. One day while walking down Gertrude St in Fitzroy the name Melbourne Gin Company popped into his head and the brand was born.

Thus commenced a journey into alchemy. Andrew adopted a winemaking approach to distillation by extracting the flavour of botanicals individually to understand the different characteristics and tastes that they offered. While the MGC was established in 2012 it took a year of product development using this method to produce the first MGC release, Melbourne Dry Gin in 2013.

Andrew continued the journey into alchemy, exploring different production methods for making gin. As a result in 2018 MGC introduced Single Shot, a gin that unlike Melbourne Dry Gin, is made in one single distillation run.

MGC was conceived in Collingwood, Melbourne and is made in the Yarra Valley at Gembrook Hill Vineyard.

The Melbourne Gin Company is an independent distillery with an artisan production approach. Our gin range is hand crafted, batch distilled and non chill filtered.