Personalized Cards Attached to Wine Gifts

by Joseph Luk

Did you know that our team here can attach a handwritten card along with your wine gift that you're sending to someone in Hong Kong?

Personalized Message Card for Gifts

We've always offered this service and have been doing it for years, but we noticed there's been a spike in requests in the last couple of months so we just want to make it official here.

When you place your order online, please include your message in the "Notes" section of the page. Just write the message you want the receiver to see, but just to be sure, we do double check and God forbid, we won't do this:

You Had One Job - 1

You Had One Job - 2

You Had One Job - 3

There's no "rule" per se and we try to accommodate all requests but our post card is only so big so best to keep it within 4-5 lines. If you write an essay ... we may just have to type it up!