Cuvees Points Rewards Programme

What are Cuvées Points?

To thank you for your support, we want to give something back! That's where our Cuvées Points comes in! You can earn points on any purchase (beverages and accessories) and redeem discount coupons on future orders.


Earning points is easy! Start now!

Join in 3 simple steps:
Points and Value

Every HK$1 you spend = 1 Cuvées Point;

Every 100 Cuvées Points accumulated = HK$2 worth of reward coupon


Your Purchase Cuvées Points  Reward Coupon
HK$1000 1000


HK$ 2884 2884 HK$57

Learn more about Cuvées Points

1. Where do I view my points? After your initial purchase, click on the ''Rewards'' button here & a pop-up will appear. You just need to type in your email address to see the points system :



Email: You will also receive an email with a Cuvées Points summary immediately after purchase.


2. How to redeem discount coupons with my Cuvées Points?
After your purchase, click on the ''Rewards'' button  & choose "Your rewards" (first image below):

Immediately you can see your discount coupon (image below). Simply copy & paste the discount code/ click on ''Apply code'' to auto-apply at check-out:


Congrats! You have applied the discount at your checkout!


3. When will my Cuvées Points be expired?


There's no expiry date for Cuvées Points!


4. How can I earn more Cuvées Points?


You can earn extra Cuvées Points by referrals or join our membership (coming soon) to receive exclusive discounts!


More Questions?
Feel free to contact us via Live Chat or email us at